Difference between a diet and a DIET

The original meaning of the word diet is just the food you eat. It didn't mean depravation or a struggle, it was just the food you eat. I think it is important that you give thought to your diet, and make sure your diet fits your goals.

For a long time I have struggled with food, eating food for comfort or boredom has been a problem through out my life and I imagine this will be a struggle for the rest of my life.

One of the keys for me in having success in controlling my eating is to make sure I have a plan. This is what I am going to eat today. In my previous post I created a food template of what I am going to eat for the day. The only thing I really don't measure or weigh is green vegetables. They are so low in calories and are so good for you it isn't worth calculating them. But this is only for Spinach, Broccoli, Green Beans, things like that.

So after my previous template I found that I wasn't losing as much weight as I had hoped. So now I need to change the template, Luckily I joined a accountability challenge with my kickboxing gym and the meal plan they had with that worked quite well.

Breakfast: Egg whites with spinach, and three pieces of Ezekiel toast.

Morning Snack: Protein shake

Lunch: 6oz of lean protein, green vegetables (plan calls for 1 cup but this where I don't measure), a serving of carbs (cup of cooked rice, sweet potato, cup of beans, a regular potato, 1 cup cooked quinoa ect.).

Afternoon Snack: Protein shake

Dinner: 6oz of lean protein with green vegetables and a serving of fat (2 TB peanut butter, 2TB butter, 1/4 cup of nuts, 1/2 medium avocado)

I have found this works well for me because the protein shakes help extend where I can each meal. Without the protein shakes I needed to eat at 7am, noon and 5-6pm. With the protein shake I can make it 7am, 1pm and 7-8pm. Because it is later in the day and I am going to kickboxing at 5:30am I go to bed around 9-10pm and get up around 5. So I don't have a long time before my next meal. Rarely am I hungry, and slowly I hope to cut down the meat from 6oz to 4 oz. Also it allows me to have a little time between the end of work and before I have to start cooking dinner.

Also it doesn't have to be boring, I make fried rice for breakfast (use a tiny amount of oil in the pan) just use the spinach, egg whites, and a cup of rice with some soy sauce. We have made tacos with rice, ground turkey with taco seasoning and a half an avocado. One of the ladies in my kickboxing class makes French toast with the Ezekiel bread egg whites and a little bit of cinnamon.

So this is going to be my new plan for 2021! At least for the days that don't matter. Working on finding a new cardio machine to replace the recumbent stationary bike I have. While it does a good job I want to get a spin bike a rower to get more core muscles involved in the cardio. Happy 2021!

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