Calorie counting and goal setting

I know I am a little ahead of schedule but I figured out what my 2021 goal is going to be so figured why not share it here. I am going to try to complete the Spartan Race Trifecta, which is three races. a 5k with 20 obstacles, a 10k with 25 obstacles and the half marathon which is 21k with 30 obstacles. The thing about the last option is it is at Killington Ski resort, so I expect there to be some hills.

Sprint is May 22nd

Super is July 10th

Beast is September 11th

I am hoping to be 200lbs by May 22nd. I am going to try to get down to 200lbs for it. I have 195 days to lose 50lbs which means I have to lose .25 lb per day. Which means I need to eat a deficit of 875 calories a day. Everyday to get there. Which I don’t think is as bad as it sounds. And in order to figure this out for yourself I would use a TDEE calculator you can find here. I put in my height and weight, it says I burn about 2514 calories per day just living. I also make sure to select sedentary because I plan on tracking how calories I burn exercising separately. Over the years I have started exercising more and I burn about 400-500 calories a day. So I add that to my total. 2514 TDEE + 400 calories of an average of exercise gives me 2914 calories, and I need to eat a deficit of 875 to meet my goal. So I need to consume 2039 calories. I also subtract 10% to give myself a little bit of wiggle room for when special events pop up. I call this my long term bank, for holidays or special events that are going to come up. So 1800 calories per day until May 22nd.

Another thing to keep in mind, is as you lose weight your TDEE will drop, and you will have to do increased activity to burn the same amount of calories as you get more fit. If I put in my weight in the TDEE calculator as 225lbs the amount of calories I burn per day drops to 2323! Almost 200 calories difference, so something to be careful of on your weight-loss journey.

When setting goals I recommend something with a date, that will happen if you are ready or not. For previous goals I have fallen short of being ready and paid the price. It helps me focus, I would also try to set goals and then break the goal down into smaller pieces. I have set my calorie and nutrition goals, now I will need to work on my exercise goals. One of the things I like about the Spartan race is it gives me a reason to train my upper body. I have been a hiker for a long time and my lower body is much stronger than my upper body. So setting a goal that assists with this is perfect for me.

Try to make sure that when you set your goal it is something that forces you to change your habits but isn’t going to require you to completely upend your life. The larger the change is the harder it will be to succeed, finding that balance for yourself is important. If try and fail this is not a problem, just try to make things a little easier on yourself next time and try again!

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