Just got back from working out with Chris the personal trainer, the workouts with him always leave me a little sore, we did hollow holds with a kettle bell around the world over my head, and a bear crawl row, man were those brutal. It is great because every workout is a challenge and there is no coasting.

I have worked with him for the last 4-5 years, and he has been instrumental in me losing weight. One of the things I have found is that I am a person that reacts much better to external accountability than to internal accountability. I would weight myself and report in every week my weight. It really helped me make good decisions knowing that I would have to face the music when I reported in. Chis is now a firefighter with two young kids so training in his life is going to take a back seat to other things and as I am writing this I am figuring out that this might be a response to Chris not being able to be that accountability partner anymore.

Kept on the diet, eggs and toast for breakfast. Fried rice for lunch with a measured amount of rice and low fat organic ground turkey with a spray of oil and a large amount of kale and baby spinach. Dinner was grilled chicken tenderloins with broccoli. I had two iced coffees with skim milk because it finally hit 70 today. I did get some blood test results that showed my cholesterol was high, which is quite odd because it has never been high. I think what happened is over Easter I went a little wild. Honestly I think before Easter I was at around 254. Today I weighed in at 263.4!!!! I am going to get it back on track though and ask for a retest so I can make sure my actual diet isn't causing the problem.

The reopening is going to be a bit of a problem for me Saturday night we went to a dinner party and I ate way to much, but it was so delicious, a braised lamb shank with polenta and roast vegetables. It was hilariously good, and we had a few drinks and chilled around the firepit in their backyard. They made brownies my favorite desert and we completely forgot about them. Unluckily my personal trainer lives about a block from my friends house. Anyway, I asked for a few small pieces of brownie and I got a giant chunk. I think I am going to attempt to split it up into 4 pieces and eat it over the next 4 nights. This will be a big test which I have historically failed but I do really love a sweet in the evening. Anyway down .4lbs, hitting kickboxing tomorrow. All set for the same food tomorrow as I had today, I think this is going to be the meal for a bit. It is low calorie and filling with a decent amount of protein. What more can you ask?

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