So today after working out I weighed myself, as I am doing every day. Low and behold I am down to 258.4 which is a weight loss of 5lbs. I am sure part of this is I am dehydrated after just having worked out at a super intense kickboxing class. My heart rate monitor isn't working, but in the past I have burned 800 calories see below, full disclosure this is cherry picked, I have had workouts that burned 500-600. For a few months I was going at 5:30am and that was hard to get up to a full heart rate at that time of the day.

I really do love the data, seeing this really helps me stay motivated as well. Trying to burn as many calories as I can for the hour. Working that hard creates a large amount of sweat, the coach calls them "effort puddles" so I could be weight in much lower than I actually am properly hydrated.

Anyway so far I have had 1/4 of a brownie every night and it has been pretty good! So far I have stuck to it. Pretty much having the same thing for breakfast and lunch, the eggs and toast and the fried rice, chicken tenderloins and broccoli/cauliflower. I also accidently grabbed a southwest quinoa steam fresh bag from the grocery store and I popped it in the microwave, The whole package was 280 calories so I ate that. Had a brownie and a hot chocolate the (reduced calorie are only 40 cals per pack). I forgot I had a protein drink in the afternoon as a snack!

Anyway moral of the story, trying not to get to excited about any one weigh in, but progress is being made. Now the hard part, staying the course.

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