So I took a day off from exercise today. Went for a walk but it was freezing out so I cut it short. Pretty much followed the diet, we have been subscribing to a service called Misfit Market that sends us organic vegetables that are too small or have some sort of blemish on them. It has been interesting we have had some different vegetables in the house than we normally would. Collard greens, giant jicama, swiss chard, all sorts of good stuff.

Had the normal breakfast and lunch, dinner Liz cooked chicken, dry pan roasted some eggplant and an garden salad. We had to use up a bunch of lettuce that I got from Misfit Market. Liz bought some Greek Yogurt Tzatziki, and it was delicious, we used it on the dressing for the salad and I had two servings that was only 60 calories TOTAL!

I ate a lot of salad but the salad is always going to be pretty low calorie. I have stuck to 1/4 of the brownie per night so that is a win, previously I would not have thought about eating all of it in one night and then found something else to eat the other nights. I think having this blog has also helped keep me a little bit more accountable. I didn't weigh myself because tomorrow I am going to start weighing myself in the morning. I think it will be more consistent. I am going to do a long walk in the fells tomorrow and then go to kickboxing in the evening. It will be nice to have the day off! Good Luck!

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