I weighed in at 259.4 this morning. Like I thought, the last weigh in was artificially low. No problem though still down quite a bit from when I started and it is only one data point. I took the day off today, went for a walk in the woods with a friend, got 10,000 steps in. Made plans to do another walk tomorrow. Went to kickboxing, the cool thing is if you wear a heart rate monitor it sends you the stats after the class.

I think part of that the heart rate monitor wasn't working correctly but it was good to see me keeping my heart rate up in the orange.

Had the usual breakfast and lunch, I was feeling a little extra hungry so I ate two extra ounces of chicken. For dinner we had pita bread with tzatziki sauce cucumbers, tomatoes, and red onion. They were so good, I want to do it again sometime soon. Probably later on this weekend. But I burned a lot of calories with the walk and with kickboxing. Sunday morning I am going to try to film some videos for the website. Work on doing the first week of workouts, at least get it filmed so I can start working on the film editing. Things are going well, feeling pretty good about the amount of food I am eating. I really am not too hungry until it is time to eat. This weekend I am going to try to stay on track as possible. I am going out for BBQ in New Hampshire in between looking for houses. Other than that I am going to try to stick to the template.

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