Went for a long walk today, did a little over what is reported because the app crashed a few times. It was close to 19 miles all told, it was a beautiful day today, weather was perfect, high 60's with a little breeze.

Did good at breakfast and at dinner, but I didn't do so good for lunch, I had a roast beef sandwich and some onion rings from a local shop, it was delicious but not worth the 1000 calories it turned out to be. I don't mind doing those meals after I have gone for a long walk. It is alarming that one bad meal has taken my calorie total from 1800 to 2800, and to think previously I would go for a long walk in binge for the rest of the weekend because I had done a long hike. It is really shocking how many calories some of these meals have. I need to get better at coming up with solutions for when we are out and about.

I weighed in at 260 this morning, the calories above in the screen shot probably super accurate, in the past I have worn a heart rate chest strap plus and the calories from All Trails (the screenshot) is within 20% of the heart rate chest strap so I don't bother with it for hiking.

Good News is that even with the slip I still burned more calories than I took in, and that is the idea. 600 calories though is 1/6th of a pound. so not as much as I would like but a down day is a down day! Going to look at new houses tomorrow!

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