48/75/138 Weekends are hard

Believe it or not the picture on the left is real progress, I don't want to go through weekends past but it was a of booze or cheese, maybe some chips. Actually I put on a jacket today and in the pocket was three or four Frito bags. They were mini bags and I was at a friend birthday party. but that is hardly an excuse. Anyway this is the first time going all week and actually keeping track of everything I ate.

We went to look at two houses today and there was a pretty well rated BBQ spot, it was pretty good, but combine that I didn't do any exercise today, and I mean like nothing. I spent 3.5 or 4 hours driving in the car today. We put an offer on the house, the market is so crazy we went 20%ish over asking and still are probably not going to get it. I am going to have to spend on of my weekend days looking at houses until we find one and then the work is really going to start.

Planning on going to kickboxing Monday, Wednesday, rowing Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I am going to workout with Chris. Going to try to fit in some walking in there. My buddy and I are going to hike this trail it is 13 miles and 2000 feet of elevation so it will be a good calorie burner.

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