46/73/136 Row row row my ERG

Did 30 minutes of rowing today for exercise, also walked about 2.5 miles at lunch. I have been meaning to add rowing to my morning routine. I just need to get my butt in gear and do it. I think 30 minutes of rowing would be a great way to start the day.

Misfit Market delivered a Jicama, which is a great snacking food! It doesn't taste like much but has a great crunch, low in calories, high in fiber. I needed a little bit of a snack while I was preparing dinner, I saw we had a jicama and I chopped it up. It was perfect.

I weighed in at 261.3 which is 2.1 lbs down from the same day last week, I will take that as a win. I have to really focus this weekend and make sure I don't have a blow out meal and see what I can do from a weight loss perspective. Saturday is going to be the challenging day. I am going to spend the day looking at houses again, we missed out on our last house because they had a lower but all cash offer. Can't blame them but it stinks. Sunday is going to be a long hike 11+ miles, I will be doing it a little bit slower than whoever did it in the picture. Almost 2k miles in elevation gain is no joke either.

Going to take another shot at making some workout videos Saturday morning before we head up to New Hampshire looking for houses. Wish me luck!

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