44/71/134 I had a burrito

So had a rough day at work and I decided to go to kickboxing so I could punch some things. I realized we didn't really have anything to eat so we went and got some chicken burritos, I did add cheese and guacamole salsa black beans and rice. I don't think it was too bad. Had English muffins and eggs for breakfast and chicken fried rice for lunch.

Weighed in at 258.8 in the morning, so down it is going, I am going to meet with a podiatrist tomorrow to see what is going on with my big toenails, there is something going on from when I went on a crazy hiking run last fall.

I forgot that the kickboxing class was a "fundamentals class" so it wasn't as intense as a normal class is but still a pretty good burn. I am going to go to see the personal trainer tomorrow. The workout he provides always is a little different, and I am going to be a little sore the next day, but Saturday I am looking for houses, before the long hike on Sunday.

Liz is having a lady friend over for a fire in the backyard going to try to limit the drinking and subsequent snacking. Wish me luck!

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