31/58/121 Two big announcements

So two pieces of news, one is I have weighed in at my lowest weight in a bit 254.8! So that is exciting news. I was a little extra dehydrated because I forgot my water bottle for the workout, but with a mask on it helps me not lose quite so much moisture breathing out.

The second piece of news is that we are now eating vegan! Basically I watched Game Changers on Netflix and I thought why not give it a try. It should be less expensive, better for the environment, and could be better for performance and recovery. I am going to need to do a fair amount of recovering over the summer if I want to do the Spartan Races the backpacking I have planned, finishing the 48 4000 footers and doing all the other things I am. But I figure why not try it out and see how it goes, so that is what we are doing.

It has been fun playing around with completely different and recipes. We have done a lot of bean burritos with rice. Overnight oats for breakfast, tofu fried rice with spinach, and we have done a bunch of different dinners, tonight was chic pea pasta with trader joes Soy Chorizo and it was pretty good! Trader Joes has been a god send, but I think I can do it with pretty basic ingredients and as long as I am getting enough protein and I am eating mostly fruits vegetables and natural foods I don't see how it can be too bad. So we will see.

Some of the vegan protein powders are pretty gross, I bought one called Origain I believe and man was that a rough tasting protein powder, even with berries and oat milk I couldn't cover up the taste. I bought a vanilla one from Vega and that seems pretty good, it still has a odd taste to it but it isn't too bad.

Monday I worked out with my personal trainer, we did a ton of Romanian deadlifts with only 90-95lbs but we did 3 sets of 12 on each side and man my back/hamstrings were so sore. I was tempted to tap out of kickboxing but instead figured I would go and take it easy. Luckily I think it helped loosen things up a little bit. I am going to try to fit in some yoga tomorrow to try to keep things lose, I spent way too much time just sitting around aka work!

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