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Did another kickboxing workout, felt better today. We did a lot of pushups and I am really feeling it my chest. Ate a little too much at dinner, pasta is always my downfall. I weighed in at 258.0, going to really try to stick to decent meals tomorrow and hopefully get out of the weekend without stuffing my face with food.

Feeling good about this weekend! Hope everyone enjoys it!

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Weighed in at 258, went to kickboxing today, I didn't put in as good an effort as I had hoped. I received my second vaccine yesterday. It was the first time doing anything other than the big hike in a few days. Between the car dying and getting the vaccine, I having been able to.

Still doing a bunch of walking and I did some rowing. Going to go to kickboxing again tomorrow night. Saturday we are going to look at houses and then Sunday I am going to go for a hike.

So Friday I went to go to the personal trainers and the starter on my car had died, so that was dead in the water. We were suppose to go looking at houses the following day. So Friday night I didn't work out and I had a few beers with a side of brie, Saturday I did pretty good for lunch, I got a pocket of grilled meats. It did have some sour cream on it but not too bad. Sunday I went on a hike and I ate a burger and some Thai food.

I am proud of myself for hitting the half marathon distance. It is pretty close to the longest I have hiked in a day I think. We kept a pretty good pace too considering we stopped for a bit up on the summit and took a bunch of pictures. Anyway I haven't weighed myself because I have found the weights aren't accurate from the inflammation that happens after a hike like I did. Today I am really feeling it in the back of my knee, I took the day off of kickboxing because it was it was hurting and felt loose. I didn't want to risk it. I am getting my second vaccine shot on Wednesday but I will have to go after that.

We also put an offer on a house and didn't get it, we have made 4 big offers and on houses in the middle of nowhere and now we are back to square one. I think I am going to spend more time going through all of my stuff to see what I actually use. I am back on the wagon, tonight we had sweet potatoes, broccoli and chicken. Tomorrow it will be back to eggs and English muffins, fried rice with ground turkey and spinach, with chicken, sweet potatoes and green vegetable for dinner.